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Avoid Windshield Replacement With Film Treatment

When it comes to car safety, there is always a lot of emphasis on passive safety equipment like airbags, and in recent years, new active safety equipment like collision avoidance radar systems, but a vehicle’s structure likewise has its own important safety role. From vintage automobiles to today’s custom cars, structural support was and continues to be a foremost safety design and build concern — and the role the windshield plays here is paramount. Windshields provide up to 45% of the cabin’s structural integrity in a front-end collision and 60% in a rollover collision. This incredibly important piece of glass prevents the roof from being crushed in during a rollover and prevents ejection during a front-end collision. A vehicle’s windshield also plays a role in ensuring airbags are properly deployed. With the windshield being as important as it is, why wouldn’t you want to protect it with a windshield protective film?

Windshield Film Protection: Important for Safety, Important for Your Wallet

In addition to serving as a critical structural component, the front windshield of your vehicle protects you and your occupants from a myriad of small hazards, such as loose cement and kicked-up road debris. But while the windshield might protect you from flying debris, what will protect it?

Enter windshield protective film by Rogue Films.

Our protective windshield film is comprised of a 4 mil thick ultra rigid polyester film that will ensure your frontline defense gets its own frontline defense. This film offers significant protection and has been shown to guard against the worst of rain, ice, sun, and physical impacts. This means that with a Rogue Film windshield protective film, your windshield will be able to better resist both the smaller impacts of flying pebbles and massive impacts like a collision. That’s right, our protective films are so strong that they have been shown to keep windshields fully intact following a collision.

Better Protection Means Never Replacing Your OEM Windshield

Should you ever have to replace your vehicle’s original factory windshield, you risk compromising your vehicle’s structural integrity. If you have an older vehicle, it might not be possible to get an authentic factory replacement should yours become cracked, chipped, or otherwise broken. For custom cars that have already undergone other structural changes, undergoing a windshield replacement could be particularly damaging.

In addition to risking the structural integrity of your vehicle, replacing your OEM windshield can get expensive. Windshields in today’s cars can have a replacement cost of over $1,600. This is almost double the cost it was a decade ago and is largely due to more vehicles being equipped with sensors just behind the windshield so that replacing it requires recalibrating driver-assist features.

Schedule Your Appointment for Windshield Protection Today

Impact protection and preventing expensive future replacement are the two most obvious benefits of having a windshield protective film installed on your vehicle, but they aren’t the only ones. Our protective films offer other key benefits like protection against UV rays and faster runoff of rain and snow —  which are critical aspects for safer driving in inclement weather. Contact our team today to schedule a date with our technicians to get your vehicle properly protected.