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Have you been unhappy with how your paint protection has performed in the past? Well, it’s probably because you didn’t come to us first. Where others cut corners, we take our time. While others sacrifice protective power for ease of installation, we do whatever it takes to give you the very best. Our proprietary application techniques aren’t matched by our competitors, allowing you the best paint protection from a 100% optically clear shield.

paint protection

When You Want
the Best… Go Rogue.

We Meticulously Select Only the Highest-Quality Products for Our Clients.

Expert Installation of 10 Mil Thick Films

Here’s a fact: the protection of your vehicle is directly proportional to the thickness of the film. However, most companies avoid exceeding 8 mil in thickness, simply because they don’t know how to install better protection without compromising the aesthetics of your car.

We’re the first dealer in the world to offer 10 mil thick films on all paint protection installations. It takes an artistic finesse that can only be acquired by experience and an extreme attention to detail. Our expert application techniques help us provide unparalleled protection without leaving a trace of evidence. We also carry and install XPEL Ultimate Plus 8 mil films as well.

Advanced Design and Printing Capabilities

We use state of the art XPEL software and our proprietary scanning equipment to digitally manufacture custom patterns. We also have 72” wide film for seamless coverage on large panels.

Specializing in Rare
and Exotic Cars

We are the only company in Arizona that specializes in installing film on rare collectibles, and antique and vintage automobiles. Our facility is specially equipped with vehicle lifts that are designed to accommodate sport cars, race cars, and exotic vehicles that have wider wheel bases.

100% Optically

Thanks to our experience and adeptness in application, you won’t be able to see a difference in the appearance of your car once the protective film is applied. It will be done without any visible seams, rough edges, bubbles, or wrinkles.

XPEL Self-Healing

Through advanced manufacturing, self-healing properties are built into the film to allow it to resist scratching and prevent swirl marks that come from daily use and cleaning.

Edge Seal Technology

Lifting & delamination are a thing of the past. Our signature Edge Seal Technology ensures film stays stuck & keeps surfaces protected from contaminants.

10 Year Warranty on
All Installations

Many discount options wind up peeling and are subject to discoloration over time. We’re confident that our film installation will serve you for years to come, and look great the whole time.

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