Windshield Protection Films
Seeing Is believing.

Prevent the Need for Windshield Replacement With Effective Glass Protection.

At Rogue Films, we understand the importance of windshield protection and the challenges that come with it. That’s why we have incorporated the latest technology into our WinCrest series to provide you with the best possible solution.

Durability is a key concern when it comes to windshield protection films. Delamination can be a major issue, but with our WinCrest series, you can say goodbye to worries about delamination. Our films are designed to prevent delamination, ensuring long-lasting protection for your windshield.

Self-healing properties are often associated with paint protection films, but why not have them for windshield protection films too? With our WinCrest series, you can enjoy the benefits of self-healing technology. These films can self-heal from potential scratches, protecting your windshield from stone chips, gravel, and other unexpected damages.

In addition to durability and self-healing, our WinCrest series offers superior heat rejection with WinCrest Nano Ceramic windshield protective films. This means you and your passengers can enjoy a comfortable driving experience even on hot days, as our films provide excellent heat-rejection capabilities.

Driving in rainy conditions can be challenging, but our WinCrest series has you covered. Each film in our series is developed with hydrophobic properties, ensuring better driving conditions even when it’s raining. Experience improved visibility and safety, no matter the weather.

When you choose our WinCrest series, you can expect unmatched clarity. From the moment you install the film until you decide to remove it, our films will provide crystal-clear visibility. Say goodbye to hazing or any other visual distortions – it will be like the film isn’t even there.

At Rogue Films, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality windshield protection films we are the only company in Arizona offering this new product. Our WinCrest series incorporates the latest technology to ensure durability, self-healing, superior heat rejection, ease of installation, hydrophobicity, unmatched clarity, and glare reduction. Choose our films and drive with confidence, knowing that your windshield is protected by the best.


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Pioneering Windshield Protection with WinCrest Nano-Ceramic.

Guard Against Impact.

  • Optically clear
  • Absorbs the impact of standard road hazards
  • Reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s eyes
  • Infrared surface blocks reducing IR heat by 89%
  • Ideal for maintaining luxury cars and fleet vehicles
  • Significantly less expensive than replacing a windshield, especially those with ADAS (Crash Avoidance Systems) technology
  • Keeps windshield intact during an accident
  • Protects against 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Faster run-off of rain and snow
  • Prevent smash and grab theft

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