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We Offer Installation of Top-Tier Automotive Protection From Bumper to Bumper

Rogue Windshield Repair Service
guard against curbs and steep driveways


Scrape Armor

Scrape Armor provides a low-profile protective plate for your bumper, created using 3D scanning to provide a precision fit. This permanently mounted plate reduces surface friction which eliminates bumper pull when backing off obstacles like parking curbs, and prevents damage from low approach angles. Preserve your vehicle’s original front end and look great from every angle.


Sliplo Universal Skid Plate

This no-drill solution installs without damage to your car. Adhering to the underside of your bumper, it prevents scrapes that may occur because of steep driveways, parking curbs, or road debris. Backed by a 10 year warranty and made in the USA, Sliplo’s flexible and modular application fits all makes and models.

window treatments

XPEL Fusion Plus+ Ceramic window treatment

Fusion Plus+ window treatment forms a hydrophobic barrier that causes precipitation to bead and easily sweep off your window. This one-time application makes ice, snow, insects, and road dirt brush off effortlessly. It also reduces defrosting times and prevents water spots and mineral buildup from obstructing your view.

windshield Repair

Ultrabond Windshield Repair

Ultrabond windshield repair resin fills minor cracks and chips in your windshield with a finish even stronger than the glass itself. Repairs are almost instant, prevent further cracks, and render your windshield’s former damage virtually invisible. Save time, money, and reduce environmental impact by repairing instead of replacing when possible.

paint touchup

Dr. Colorchip Paint Chip Touchup

Sometimes, small touchups are necessary before installation of our protective films and coatings. We use Dr. Colorchip Paint Touchup products in order to provide permanent repair with exact OEM color match. This quick touchup technique is used at dealerships and auction houses nationwide and provides nearly invisible, rust-resistant repairs.

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