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11.5 mil vs 7 mil PPF

In the Spring of 2019 my perspective on paint protection films (PPF) changed permanently!  Until that time the paint protection industry had been manufacturing all aftermarket PPF in one thickness, 7 mil.  7 mil is about 7 thousandths of an inch (.007).  Prior to the spring of 2019 I had been installing PPF for 14 years. I must say I was always a little disappointed when I had removed films from earlier installations and began to notice that the 7 mil film didn’t quite protect the paint like I thought.  After removing the film there was always seemed to be damage to the paint underneath.  Most of the time I would notice thousands of small indentations where debris from the road hit the film and didn’t penetrate it, but hit hard enough to leave a small dimple in the paint finish.  On many occasions there would be complete penetration and damage to the paint underneath and in some cases paint work would need to be done to fix the damage underneath.  This sort of damage is what customers are trying to avoid using PPF.  Not much could be done about this short of doubling up the film to give the paint extra protection.  This was never a great option because the cost would become prohibitive. During this same time I also noticed something very interesting about Porsches. Porsche would install a much thicker film (I am guessing between 10-11mil thick) on the hips of the rear fenders that would often yellow over a period of time.  As I removed the film, always to my surprise, there would be zero damage to the paint underneath.  The thicker film did an amazing job at keeping the paint in pristine condition on the Porsches!

Fast forward to the Spring of 2019 when SunTek released a new film call Ultra Defense.  Ultra Defense was made for the more vulnerable high-impact areas on your car.  I was very interested in the product because of my experience with Porsches, however, I was skeptical about the workability of the product and being able to stretch a very thick film over curved surfaces.  Interested in the paint protecting properties of this thick film I began to experiment with installing Ultra Defense. I began to pioneer and perfect new techniques to install this incredibly difficult film.

On October 7, 2019 we at Rogue Films went all in and became the first company in the world to install only 11.5 mil SunTek Ultra Defense, and we are still the only company exclusively installing this film.  The protective power of SunTek Ultra Defense 11.5 mil film is unmatched in its ability to keep automotive paint and plastics in absolutely pristine condition with no blemish transfer due to debris hitting the film.

At our retail location in Scottsdale, AZ, we hand out samples of 7 mil and 11.5 mil thick film to our customers and the response is ALWAYS the same when I ask this question, “Which one would you choose to protect your paint?”, customers response, “The thicker one of course!”. We have more experience than anyone in the world when it comes to installing these thicker films on automobiles.  We have installed these films on concours, collector, exotic, sports cars, hyper cars, off road vehicles, motorcycles and everyday automobiles.  There is a reason why we are the only company in the world installing this film on any type of automobile and it’s because this film is so incredibly difficult to install correctly.  If you happen to be in our area please stop by so we can show you first hand the protective power of this incredible film.

If you would like a sample of film sent to you please go to the contact us page and leave your address and we will send a sample of the film to you.  I guarantee you will be amazed!!