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Damaged PPF
I damaged my paint protection film, now what?

So, your paint protection film got damaged and you need to get it fixed? Well don’t worry!  Most of the time the PPF does its job and protects the paint. The best way to get the damaged area fixed is to give the experts at Rogue Films a call and let our skilled technicians remove the damaged PPF.  We don’t recommend that film is removed at home for the following reasons: 

  • The protective film may be wrapped around the edges and may need special care in removal 
  • Proper tools are needed to heat the film uniformly to aide in the removal process 
  • Paint protection films need to be removed in a specific way to minimize the amount of adhesive that is left behind. (In most cases our skilled technicians can remove the film with no adhesive left on the paint) 
  • In some cases there is adhesive that is left behind and proper chemicals are required to remove any adhesive that remains.   

In the event that the damaged area penetrated the paint protection film the blemished paint in most cases can be fixed with touchup paint. At Rogue Films we use Dr. Color Chip paint touchup system for an exact paint match to repair these minor blemishes. In extreme cases where the damage has completely gone through the film it may require a body shop to fix the damaged area and repaint. 

The last step in the process is to apply the new film.  Once the damaged film and residual adhesive is removed application of new piece of paint protection film is all that is required to make your car new again! Whether Rogue Films installed your paint protection film or not give us a call so we can help you with your damaged ppf and make it look brand new again!