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Tips To Care For Your Paint Protection Film
Tips to care for your paint protection film

We have all been there. You just installed paint protection film on your car and you are so excited to take it out for a spin! But, before you head off on that road trip, family vacation or spin around town read the tips below about how to best care for your Suntek Paint Protection Film. Suntek Paint Protection Film is one of the most durable films on the market. It can withstand almost anything you throw at it: from bugs to dirt, gravel and grime, even acid rain! But that doesn’t mean Suntek ppf film isn’t going to need a little maintenance every now and then. Below are some helpful tips for taking care your Suntek protective film: 

– If you just had Suntek PPF installed, wait until at least 24 hours have passed before washing it so it has a chance to bond properly. 

– The single best thing you can do to maintain your SunTek PPF is regularly scheduled car washes.  Regular car washes keep the surface clean and allow the hydrophobic properties of the film to work best. If you hand wash your vehicle make sure you use a bucket that has a dirt trap so when you rinse your wash mitt it does not pickup up dirt loose dirt and scratch your PPF. If a pressure washer is used keep the nozzle at least 12” away from the film surface. If you get the pressure washer close you may accidentally inject water under the film especially at the film edges.

PRO-TIP: RINSE FIRST AND MINIMIZE POTENTIAL SCRATCHES! When washing your car after installing SunTek PPF, make sure you get down into corners and crevices where bugs and dirt can hide by spraying some water on those areas first before running the washcloth over them to remove the dirty residue that may have collected there while driving through bug infested or dirt roads.

-Remove any bug/bird droppings within a couple of days or they may stain the film.

-For an aftercare product to keep you ppf looking great for years to come use Rogue Films Ceramic Pro Spray. Our ceramic spray seals the micro-pores in the PPF and gives the surface extreme hydrophobic properties and added chemical resistance. Once applied the surface will be silky smooth and ready for whatever the road throws its way.

– If you want more information about maintaining your SunTek paint protection film go to our contact us page.