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Quality What Is It At Rogue
Quality, what is it at Rogue?

Quality–what is it?  It’s time, precision, skill, patience, knowledge, integrity, experience, and excellence. At Rogue Films, it’s how we characterize all of what we do. Everyone demands and expects quality but it often seems like a difficult thing to get. The reason is because everyone has their own definition of what quality looks like. We all observe this every day: 10 of the same product all having different price points that have different features, and the ones with the higher refinement levels demand the higher prices. While this may be obvious, refinement is the process of improvement. And refinement at the highest level takes time, considerable skill, precision, patience, knowledge, and experience. And when refinement is done at its highest levels, quality happens. 


What does this mean at Rogue Films, and how do we approach film installation? #1, we lead. Leaders in the industry are always seeking the highest levels of refinement, which translates into the highest levels of quality. And how do we achieve the highest levels of quality? 


We invest more in technology than anyone in Arizona. We are the only paint protection business that has invested in state-of-the-art scanning equipment to make digital patterns of our own for custom precise fitment. 


We have pioneered our own set of installation techniques and standards that allows us to install film that is truly undetectable. Experience is crucial in any industry, and we have decades of it working on rarest vehicles on the planet. 


We also invest in special vehicle lifts that allow us to safely raise sports cars and hyper cars so that we can easily protect the lowest parts of the cars. In some cases, this includes the entire underside of the vehicle; such is the case with Ford GT, Porsche Carrera GT, Laferrari and other such cars. 


Lastly, we are well-connected in the industry and have deep relationships with manufacturers whom we help and collaborate with to improve products and technology. This collaborative effort allows us at Rogue Films to deliver cutting-edge products to our customers. All of these things we do can be reduced to one word: quality. And quality is what you will get at Rogue Films. Go Rogue!