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What Separates Our Vehicle Protective Films From the Competition

You purchase a new vehicle or have your beloved hot rod restoration undergo a fresh coat of paint and eagerly turn the key to hear that engine purr, getting ready to set off on your next road adventure. But just imagine that the moment you leave the dealership or mechanic’s shop and hit the pavement, a bird flies over and leaves an unglorified parting ‘gift’ atop your vehicle’s hood. Or maybe you make it home and find bugs and road debris splattered across the front. While you can wash such materials off, there is always a risk of chipping and scratching when cleaning unprotected paint. The best solution to keep that beautiful paint job looking as good as it did the first day you picked up your vehicle, is to apply a vehicle protective film, and the best vehicle protective film to use, is ours.

Here at Rogue Films, we’ve worked hard to create cutting-edge solutions for car enthusiasts and those in the rare car industry. One such solution is the development of a unique type of paint protection film that beats every other film on the market. Here’s why:

What Separates Our Team and Our Vehicle Protective Films From the Competition

Rare Car Specialization. No other company in the great state of Arizona specializes in applying vehicle protective film on specialty cars, including rare collectibles, vintage cars, and antique models. When clients bring such vehicles to us, they can rest assured that they are bringing their car to a facility and team that is equipped to treat it with the care and precision it deserves. We’ve equipped our facility with lifts that were specifically designed to accommodate rare cars with wiler wheelbases and our team has a long history of working with these types of cars and applying our protective films to them.

Films Designed With Self-Healing and HydroResist Technology. Our team has invested in the best technologies and created proprietary processes that have enabled us to install some of the most durable vehicle protective films on the market. These films were uniquely built to incorporate self-healing properties that enable them to resist scratches and scuffs. Additionally, our films are stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, and boast water beading properties that prevent hard watermarks.

The Thickest Films on the Market. Most importantly, what truly sets Rogue Films apart from every other one of our competitors is that we are the only dealer in the world to offer 11.5 mil thick films. Every other commercial dealer you’ll find will offer vehicle protective films up to 7 mil thick (which we can do too). While the thicker the protective film is the better it is at protecting one’s vehicle and paint job, it’s hard to expertly apply such film, and too many dealers don’t want the hassle or to risk the loss manhours if they mess up. We don’t mess up. Our experienced team delivers fantastic results every time.

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