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3 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Car Show

Taking your rare or vintage car out for a drive is a fantastic sort of pleasure, but so too is showing it off at a local, regional, or even national car show. At car shows, you get to show off all the work you’ve put into your vehicle and chat with other car enthusiasts about upcoming projects and automotive history. For some rare and classic car owners, taking their vehicle to car shows may be a primary reason why they invested so much in their vehicle in the first place.

Attending and showing off at car shows is an incredibly rewarding hobby, but it’s also one people should approach with care and consideration. Whether you have a truly classic car or a rare model you’ve brought to new life, the primary thing to understand about any car show is that presentation is key.

There’s a lot that goes into getting a vehicle ready for a car show, but the following are three of the most essential tips that every owner should follow to ensure their classic or rare car gets the attention it deserves:

3 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Car Show

  1. Always have fresh tires for a car show. One of the most frequently overlooked things newcomers do is ignore the tires, so this is crucial if you want to seriously display your vehicle at a car show. Judges and attendees will look at the tread of your tires if you are competing. Of course, no one expects someone to change their vehicle’s tires every single time they go to a show. Instead, invest in a set of tires that you’ll use only for car shows.
  2. Touch-up inside and out. There’s detailing and then there’s full-scale, bumper-to-bumper detailing. Before you show off a vehicle at a car show, you should go over every inch to ensure that it has been completely and fully detailed and remedy any irregularities. For example, all paint chips, oil stains, and loose upholstery threads should be addressed at least a week before you roll out.
  3. Correct, finish, protect and seal. Paint correction is the process of polishing the paint to remove any minor paint imperfections and enhance the beauty and clarity of the vehicle’s paintwork. Afterward, or in the case of any fresh coat of vehicle paint, be sure to apply a high-shine finishing wax that will make the paint pop with a brilliant shine. Finally, consider having your paint fully and completely protected by having it layered with a paint protective film from Rogue Films. Our paint protective film will keep your gorgeous and one-of-a-kind paint job looking just so for ten years or longer. The final step you should consider is having a ceramic coating applied to the paint protection film or any painted areas that you didn’t apply film too.  Ceramic coatings from Rogue Films add unbelievable shine and another level of protection.

Need Help With That Paint Protection? Contact Rogue Films

Here at Rogue Films, we specialize in designing and applying the world’s best protective films on rare and exotic cars. Many of our clients are car show enthusiasts just like you and we are proud to provide them with fantastic products and expert service that enable them to really preserve and show-off the beautiful paint jobs they have invested in. Learn more about our products and our experience by contacting our team today.